Vintage Rings

A new collection of over 70 Vintage Rings picked up from Anatolia.


More Opening Photos

Husey’I’nstanbul has been open for three days now and business is great!  It was fun to surprise everyone with the difference in style and merchandise!  Everyone was expecting to see another carpet shop when the doors finally opened they found something completely different and new.  Here are some pictures of the night before the store opened.  Huseyin worked until the early hours of the morning piecing everything together.  These pictures were taken at 5am.
Below is the early design drawing for the hamam corner.
Zaza on the shop floorThis cabinet used to be in Arsah, but Huseyin added mirrors, lights and a bar to the inside transforming it into a display case for scarves.Nearly everything in the store, including these cabinets were picked up on the June buying trip through Anatolia.
The fountain is soon to have running water.


The Store is open and ready for business!  It has been a lot of hard work getting to this point, but it is really paying off.  We will always be adding new items as time goes on such as felt products from Nepal and vintage jewelry.  Water, olive oil and wine jugs from Çanakkale.  All of these are about 30 years or older.

The hamam corner…everyone thought Huseyin was crazy for wanting to cover this whole area in marble, but it looks amazing and completely original!The hat display.  Soon to be replaced with felt hats from Nepal.Copper plates and other antiques.Turkish silverThe shop window at night

Silk Scarves

Getting all the scarves set up in the cases and on the shelves.  They really look beautiful laid out under the lights!  Everything is getting set up today and the shop will be open by tomorrow!This is one of the shops in the town where we picked out the scarves.  All of them are hand made in Central Anatolia.Huseyin and one of the Scarf loomsA man working at his loom.Hand died silk before it is woven.In progress on the loom.